Workshop, “wisdom, holistic healing for our Soul, Spirit & Heart”

11 Aug 2018

It is the birth right of every soul, spirit & heart to experience and express life in very wise ways that brings fulfillment, love, pure consciousness and purpose. Recovering consciousness is about the remembering and re-organizing of our spirit, who we are authentically, our origin as a spirit and soul and to function as such. Due to the lifestyle changes in the last centuries most humans have suffered from the loss of recognizing who they really are; thus an impeccable coach or mentor is needed to bring back their consciousness and sense of self. Regine will give insight into such a process.

This is a mini workshop that will shed light on the fundamentals of the Mother’s Original Wisdom and her Consciousness. Teachings will address our spirit & soul in terms of energy, life-force so we may begin to use with clarity the sensitivity and power of the heart. We will engage in gaining insights about the care of the soul, being in the heart & elements of power. Teachings will cover our energy of creativity and vitality. Workshop may include teachings on, our sacred agreement, the luminous body, kundalini, sacred reciprocity, wise holistic ways of living, our Divine Mother, chakras & energy clearing.

Donation for 3 hour workshop: R120/per person at the door

Kindly RSVP with Regine,

Doors open at 9:30am for a 10:00am start.

R120 Donation at the door.
Venue: The Spiritual Centre, 21 Kendal Road, Diep River, Cape Town, SA

All proceeds go to the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika to further establish our sacred service in South Afrika.

More about our guest speaker,
Regine Veraguas educates & coaches people in wisdom, consciousness & living a wholesome holistic life. She holds a healing practice, gives talks, workshops primarily in Cape Town, South Afrika through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika NPC. Regine’s service is based on the healing, teachings & spiritual arts she is receiving for over 11 years of apprenticeship with her Spiritual Mentor through the Xolar Vibronics School and the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation based in America.

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