Spiritual Training

Spiritual training & apprenticeship is perfecting the potentialities, capabilities & skills of the Spirit you are.

When the spirit, soul & heart is not leading one’s life we are leaving behind our very own essence, precious qualities, skills & capabilities that are innate to the spirit. In other words, we are suppressing the potentiality of our true being & soul. Spiritual training is for the Soul that realizes it came here to do something real, powerful & righteous & that holds tremendous value not only for our own being but for all of humanity as it ripples out.

Spiritual training is a complex process that requires guidance & assistance by a Mentor. A Mentor is someone who has real ‘spiritual perception’ as a ‘fact’ because he himself is a proven reliable server to the universal Divine power & creator. A Mentor is achieved through his own high level of training under intense pressure by the Mother & her spiritual forces of nature. I am speaking of my Mentor, Mama Koginka, who from a very young age was being revealed, by the power, his own capabilities because he never betrayed his heart & agreement. He recognized his powerful role & mission what he was holding & capable to do & followed through impeccably every step of the way in profound collaboration with the Divine Mother.

One by-product of spiritual training that is obvious, within the mysterious dimension of spirit, is about breaking through self imposed limitations of the mind but it goes beyond that because the training is actually with the spirit. It is a process of recognizing & overcoming the deep conditioning imposed upon us that has been reinforced for generations & is suppressing the spirit. Every person presents themselves with a unique, complex process that requires a Mentor that is a Master to perceive, help, support & guide each Soul to achieve what the Soul came here to do. Spiritual training & mentorship is about walking the path of the spirit recovering, step by step, the treasures of the Soul & putting them into practice. Of course you can say it is a humbling process, in fact only to the ego, because it is empowering to the part of us that really matters; the Spirit, Soul & Heart –