Establishing our service in South Afrika – 21 Aug 2017

I am inviting people to find out what I have been doing in South Africa over the last six years. This is about our unique mission and high service to balance the ecological environment, to recover human dignity and bring consciousness within humanity.  Included are our goals. Lastly, I am asking for support from people who feel the importance of our service in and for South Africa.

Service in South Afrika so far

How it Began, a Conscious Soul

For about 6 years I have been coming to South Africa on Pilgrimages where I spent precious energy recovering my roots.  It has been a succession of spiritual insights that opened my Heart in deep appreciation for this Sacred Land, spiritual heritage and ancestry. These powerful revelations were blessings in consciousness, to recognize that the Divine Mother could work in this way through my Heart. I learned the Mother was doing that for a great purpose – so that I may surrender and embrace my sacred mission to serve her will and intent in this Sacred Land. It really started when I met my Mentor, as it was revealed then I had an agreement in Africa as a native of this sacred land.  Looking back I see how my Soul was being precisely trained and prepared, by my dear Mentor and Spiritual Family, for a role and mission in South Africa.

Preserving Sacred Sites In Sacred Alliance

Under the impeccable guidance of my Mentor, Mama Koginka, I have been delivering offerings, energetic reciprocity in sacred sites in South Africa.  The purpose of going to sacred sites has been to effectively deliver refined nourishment to protect and preserve the forces of nature of places of power in South Africa.  This precise work effectively helps to maintain the energetic integrity of this country and its critical energetic role, ley lines.  It has been guided by my Mentor who works closely with his ancestors – a council of Kogi Mamas – that our service be established in South Africa.  A Mama, holds sacred alliance to the Divine Mother and is immersed 24 hours a day in harmonizing and pacifying the Divine Mother herself, the Primordial Universal Mother of all.

Holistic Education in “Wise Ways of the Divine Mother”

Through the years I have held Holistic Education workshops, talks, gatherings to support the community to be in the heart, to recover Consciousness of our authentic being, of the Divine Mother and the Mother’s Earth Wisdom.  These are Teachings, Holistic Wise Ways of functioning authentically to resonate empathetically to nature and get along with each other in sacred relationship and in service to the creative source of everything.  It is heart centered Holistic Wisdom.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika,

For Mother’s Earth Wisdom Preservation

Over the last two years, we fully registered in Cape Town, South Africa the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika NPC (Non Profit Company), NPO (Non Profit Organization) and PBO (Public Benefit Organization).

Our immediate goals

  • To solidly establish the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, our mission, projects, and goals in South Africa so that it takes on a life of its own through the kind donations of people and with people, souls.
  • To continue and intensify the service of energetic payments, sacred reciprocity in Sacred Sites of South Africa.
  • To find a place to hold a Sanctuary for holistic education gatherings, retreats where souls can engage to develop in spiritual integrity and recover the Mother’s Earth Wisdom and Holistic Wise Ways in profound consciousness.

Support our Cause

Our service in and for South Afrika totally depends on your generosity and the kind support of people who feel the importance, uniqueness and integrity of our mission and high service and who are inclined to help. Any amount of support has a great impact and is much appreciated and will directly connect you to our mission.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is actively seeking people, organizations and philanthropists who are interested in supporting us towards restoring ecological balance, human dignity and greater consciousness within humanity.

These funds will help to pay for general operating fees and transportation costs for pilgrimages to sacred sites in South Africa.

I have recently published the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika’s new website. Find out about our cause and make a donation.

Insight & Reflection

“The pristine reflection my spirit perceives in this sacred land and the potentiality of Souls is held in the sacred sanctuary of my heart – as one seed planted there by the Divine Mother – so that I may nurture it. May attentive souls perceive the beautiful reflection of this high service and participate as it grows and blossoms into a solid Tree with Roots extending out to the South Africa community, our ancestors and all of humanity on this precious planet”

In Sacred Service, Community and Alliance and with all of my Heart,

Regine Veraguas

Project Manager, Holistic Educator & Practitioner
Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika
Cape Town, South Afrika
Ph +27 (0) 76 694 1703