Fundraiser – Rooting our Sacred Service in Cape Town, South Afrika -13 Jul, 2018

The beautiful rain blessings we are receiving is restoring the flow of water to rivers, waterfalls and is filling lakes and dams in Cape Town and surrounding areas.  It has been happening now for just a couple of months with great results.  This is a testimony of our impeccable and immense service to harmonize the spiritual forces of our sacred waters in Cape Town.  May our effective service resonate in your kind heart to support the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika in order to further establish and anchor our service in South Afrika. 

Service to harmonize Sacred Waters following a severe drought in Cape Town

The Rain Blessings have come early in May this season and have been consistent through the month of June and July.  The drought is lifting.  This is the beautiful outcome and reflections of dedicated loving service that has been built up impeccably for over 25 years.  As of 13 of July, rivers, waterfalls and streams are flowing again that had been dry for many months. Lakes and dams are higher than they have been in years.  Some residents claim they have not seen rain so abundant since 2013 and we are receiving snow as well on mountain tops including Table Mountain. Mother Earth speaks and sends her messages and messengers through many manifestations including these beautiful rain blessings as a testimony of commendable and aligned service.  We see this as a result of our Mentor’s precise and powerful service that has been built in Amerika, Colombia, other parts of the world including South Afrika intensely in close collaboration with highly trained shining apprentices.  The Divine Mother’s wisdom, consciousness and spiritual functioning for earth preservation is effective locally and globally as it runs through the entire planet and yet it is very connected through specific acupuncture like points on earth or sacred spaces.

The coordinated service in precise sacred sites in South Afrika and Afrika we have been doing serves to support and build a beautiful association with forces of nature to balance and harmonize in this case our sacred waters which all life is sustained by.  Nature, our life sustaining system, has an original function – as is also true – of our sacred waters and of the human spirit.  Nature is the living body of the Mother and we are responsible to care for her.

Establishing our service in Cape Town, South Afrika and conducting beautiful effective pilgrimages to sacred sites would never have been possible without the powerful energetic support, precise spiritual perception and masterful guidance of our mentor and founder.  Mama Nuiyuan in his service and alliance with Mama Jacinto, have been building and are working with the Mother’s spiritual organization and complex functioning in Cape Town, South Afrika and Afrika for as long as I have been an apprentice, 12 years.  They have been coordinating their work in collaboration with my spirit and soul’s service in South Afrika as it can be effective through a level of energetic integrity and consciousness requiring a profound process in spiritual training and development.

Our mission in the Mother’s wisdom & consciousness

It is evident to us, by the blessings, grace of the Mother and our Mentor’s impeccable immense work, that our foundation’s mission and goals are being rooted, anchored more solidly than ever in South Afrika.  This is made possible through our conscious loving service to the Primordial Mother of All. 

Your support helps in South Afrika to;

Maintain our service & pilgrimages in sacred sites to;
• harmonize & nourish nature to support the energetic functioning of nature’s cycles & weather patterns
• especially harmonize the sacred spirit of water in Cape Town & South Afrika
• balance the eco-energetic function & system of sacred sites

Hold gatherings, talks & workshops to;
• coach & assist people to recover their spirit so they may function in consciousness
• educate & coach people to recover consciousness of the Mother’s Original Living Wisdom
• educate & coach souls that are keen to return to Wise Holistic Ways for the Mother’s Earth Wisdom Preservation
• raise consciousness in life-affirming, life-sustaining ways that are supportive to all life forms
• support souls to heal themselves, their lineage ancestors and leave behind a better legacy for the next generation

Your donation

Our service depends on the kind generosity of people who are inclined to help us achieve our goals in South Afrika.  We kindly ask for your assistance to further establish our service.  You can support this great cause by donating to the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika. Any amount of support has a great impact and is appreciated and will directly connect you to our mission.

We need funds for general operating fees and transportation costs. Our goal is to raise $4400 or R59,000 to pay for general operating fees.


Next level of service

• to obtain a place or land donations to hold a sanctuary for holistic education gatherings, training, retreats where people can attend workshops in spiritual development and consciousness and volunteer to serve in sacred sites following the Mother’s Wisdom for Earth Preservation.
• to invite our mentor to South Afrika for auspicious pilgrimages and service to sacred sites in South Afrika in collaboration with the original ancestors of this sacred land.  Also offer gatherings, education and training workshops on the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother.

Gifts of land, house for a retreat center

We are seeking donations and gifts in the form of land, house or a home on a piece of land that would facilitate us holding a sanctuary and retreat center. Such parcel of land would be harmonized, balanced and rooted in the ancient arts and original wisdom of spiritual and energetic integrity.  This space of vital natural life forces would be maintained by highly trained apprentices of our school and would never be sold, commercialized or neglected.  This integrated space would benefit Cape Town and South Afrika.

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is actively seeking donors, individuals, philanthropists and organizations to support our service.  We are happy to give details about our service and contribution in South Afrika and Afrika.

Please SHARE with people that may be inclined to support our great service.

Sincerely in Sacred Service,
Regine Veraguas,
Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner & Project Manager
Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika
Ph, +27 (0) 76 694 1703 

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This fundraiser serves as a celebration of the Mother’s Original Living Wisdom, her codes of behavior to sustain her spiritual organization and complex functioning on our precious planet & in the sacred land of South Afrika & all of Afrika. Our service through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is a loving service which is being established to serve the universal source and power, the primordial Mother of all.