Our mission

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika was created to fully endorse the philanthropic service & the impeccable conscientious behavior that Koginka Kamaru Xue has exemplified in Amerika & worldwide for the last 30 years; a ministration solely dedicated to preserving, protecting, & nurturing our planet & all that lives within it. We are committed to promulgating his teachings that aids in educating all people throughout the world on the importance of returning to the simple non-destructive wise ways of living & behaving as was originally intended & that will re-establish the harmony in our environment & bring back the balance of the natural system that sustains us. These teachings are referred to as the “ANCESTRAL HOLISTIC WISE WAYS”. We intend to support & assist in the development of his mission by facilitating the elements needed to fulfill his goal in every possible way, as is creating functional places & sanctuaries needed where people can holistically be educated about all that relates to the ecological, environmental & natural safekeeping & caretaking of themselves & the planet.

At the same time we will aid in protecting his spiritual ancestors the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, & the Muiscas of the Savannah of Bogota, Colombia & any other indigenous South Afrikan & Afrikan custodians that still hold the original commission of the Creator by raising funds to recover their sacred sites & ancestral wisdom.

Latest fundraisers, projects, news

Rooting our Sacred Service in Cape Town, South Afrika

(13 Jul 2018) The beautiful rain blessings we are receiving is restoring the flow of water to rivers, waterfalls & is filling lakes & dams in Cape Town & surrounding areas.  It has been happening now for just a couple of months with great results.  This is a testimony of our impeccable & immense service to harmonize the spiritual forces of our sacred waters in Cape Town.  May our effective service resonate in your kind heart to support the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika in order to further establish, root & anchor our service in South Afrika.

Establishing our Sacred Service in Cape Town, a conscious solution

(11 Mar 2018) What we observe through our service is that powerful work is needed in sacred sites in Cape Town, South Afrika.  We are already experiencing serious consequences with the drought & this clearly points to our responsibility to take righteous action. Our foundation’s mission & goals in & for South Afrika is needed for effective conscious change & healing in these times of crisis.

BE in the Heart, empower your Soul, recover your Spirit…Consciousness

(11 Mar 2018) It is the birth right of every soul, spirit & heart to experience and express life in very wise ways that brings fulfillment, love, pure consciousness and purpose. Recovering consciousness is about the remembering and re-organizing of our spirit, who we are authentically, our origin as a spirit and soul and to function as such. Due to the lifestyle changes in the last centuries most humans have suffered from the loss of recognizing who they really are; thus an impeccable coach or mentor is needed to bring back their consciousness and sense of self.

Cape Town drought & our Sacred Service, Conscious solution

(6 Feb 2018) Due to the severe drought in Cape Town it has become necessary to intensify our service in sacred sites. To do this & simultaneously establish the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika we need the kind support from people that value & resonate with our great work. We are experiencing a precarious drought that is affecting 4 Million people & many more in surrounding cities.