Holistic Education

Ultimately education in “Wise Holistic Ways” are ‘orchestrated opportunities in potentiality’ delivered to faciliate re-integration of our heart, soul & spirit for returning to a profound  sacred association & role with the creative universal source & power of everything.

Holistic Education is vital in recovering consciousness of our being & authenticity. The spirit yearns for clarity in great big doses about its origin, codes of behavior & functionality that it is familiar with. And yet, the spirit recognizes, through Holistic Wisdom education, that it is every step of the way assimilating pearls of wisdom, essential memory of & reconnection to its true nature. Holistic Education, through a process, assists, supports & empowers Souls to be reborn into greater solid holding of energetic integrity & consciousness. It is in pristine sacred space where vibrations are highly refined that the potentiality for Souls is extremely fertile.  In resonant sacred space for Souls & Hearts & through an approved trained Holistic Educator teachings are extended & transmitted to provide insights, clues, light, guidance & clarity.

Holistic education bestows upon the person this ancient wisdom that is not old but actually ‘very fresh’. It is like a forever flowing fountain of water quenching the thirst of our parched Soul.  The wise ancestral wisdom by its very own nature & origin – as it is lived by reliable wise elders who hold a sacred alliance & role with the creative source – is for everyone as it is our god given right as conscious human beings.  Ancient Holistic wisdom when consistently applied & engaged with holds the powerful tools that resonates empathetically with our true nature & inner being.

The reality of our situation on this precious planet as human beings seeing how nature is being destroyed also points to a fundamental lack of harmony & balance humanity is experiencing within.  You have to question who is leading the lives of people to the point of destroying nature & consequently destroying themselves.  Evidently inwardly there is a wide gap, deep disconnect, to our very own nature & so we are suffering our own individual lack of being & getting along. The purpose of the Mother’s Holistic Wisdom is to encourage & bring the real one – the real being you are – to once again lead your lives.

Regine Veraguas is a Practitioner, Holistic Educator & Project Manager for the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika