“Healing our Soul & the Planet lies with the Divine Mother”

Humans have been living on this precious Earth for thousands of years and yet in the last 100 years we have done the worst damage to nature and our planet. The survival of Humanity is at a tipping point as we are now seriously threatened by our inability to live holistically, in life affirming ways, on this precious planet. Holding and returning to life affirming, non-destructive ways simply means we are getting along within our own Being, with Nature & each other. It seems human beings do not care & are not acting righteously to correct the mistakes that are bringing humanity on the brink of self-destruction. It is not that we are destroying nature and nature needs to be fixed, no, we are destroying nature because we are broken inside. We need to piece ourselves back together again at the core of our BEING otherwise we will repeat the same mistakes and nothing will change. It requires that we look deeply within to understand the reasons why we are suffering our deep disconnect not only to Nature but to our own authentic BEING.

In this article I want to address the core reason why humanity is suffering the destruction of nature, where it is coming from. I will explain that the root cause of this annihilation we are doing to nature is coming from our own lack of spiritual and energetic integrity. We will explore our disconnect from our own spiritual being and more importantly we will inquire about our loss of memory and association with the DIVINE Mother, the original creative power as the feminine principle as a Mother. We will look into the fact that the merciful Divine Mother gave souls Sacred Original Wisdom and practical tools to help us recover our spiritual integrity, memory and alignment to her because we are so far, far away from the Divine Mother. Lastly, I will speak about the work my Mentor has been doing in deep association with the Divine Power and his Ancestors to heal and nourish nature and to help souls like myself to recover integrity and service to the Divine Power. In this article I will attempt to prove that the only true healing to ourselves and to our natural living system is through a deep process of recovering consciousness of the Divine Mother by the application of her Original Wise Ancestral Knowledge.

Root cause – disconnect from the Divine Mother
In my view, the lack of conscious holistic behavior and the destruction of our life-sustaining natural system stems from an ancestral disconnection to the MOTHER of our Spirit who created us, the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the creator of everything, us as Spirits, the Earth, the Stars, Planets the whole Universe so you can say she is the Universal Spiritual Mother of all as the Feminine aspect of God just as much as we have the Masculine aspect of God. Many of us we hear about the Divine Mother, Gaia, the Source of everything or Universal Mother Goddess but who really cares enough to recover Consciousness, the memory of the Divine Mother and through a profound process recover a sacred association to her. Who is dedicated to begin a practical natural process to return to their Original Mother? It requires the light of our Spirit, power, to match in life force the intensity of the Divine Mother calling the Soul back to her. The disconnect to nature is very obvious and can’t be denied as the consequences are on top of us now threatening the survival of humanity. But we need to see how far, far, away we are from the Divine Mother because in that reflection lies the potentiality of healing our Spirit is longing for and the possibility to regain our authentic being which the Mother created. Who is conscious about what it means to BE whole in spiritual solidity and to reflect that upon Nature.

In my opinion, consciousness is possible through a profound spiritual process that is rooted in recovering the memory of the Divine Mother that we have lost, forgotten & are oblivious about. Essentially we need to regain our alignment, deep association and service to the Divine Mother.

The possibility to recover consciousness is a precious gift from the Divine Mother, a privilege to recover freedom of expression and experience of love. The pure essence of our being, our Spirit, is eager to propel us to live holistically, in life-affirming natural ways, getting along with Nature and each other. The Divine Mother, Feminine Principle or Great Mother of all is orchestrating in magical ways to give Souls opportunities to recover our spiritual potentiality, consciousness, our Spirit but when we are gravitating in the Mind and Ego we are completely oblivious to the reality of the Divine Mother. So isn’t it that what we are suffering is the forgetfulness of the Divine Mother & a deep disconnect to her and her Spiritual reality. The disconnect is not only to Nature. Where is our Spirit, Soul, Integrated Being? Most of us we have buried and chased away our own Spirit, Being, in activities that are detrimental to our Soul.

I want to bring to the light, that the severe consequences human beings are suffering is the result of our fall from the Grace of the Divine Mother that happened thousands of years ago. A clever person may say, why do I need the Divine Mother to heal and recover consciousness? Because there is no separation between consciousness and the Divine Mother. We need the Mother’s consciousness and original wisdom to recover our Spirit and Soul and deep association to her. As the Mother of our spirit and soul she dearly cares about our soul. So the question is, do you care about your own soul and the Divine Mother? She holds records of our offenses, how we went the wrong way, & we can’t escape our responsibility and accountability to reconcile with her. The Divine creator herself is ever fresh infinite consciousness and she knows us better than we think we know ourselves. What Humanity is suffering and yearning for in all the wrong ways is the embrace with the DIVINE Mother.

Ancestral Holistic Wise Ways of the Divine Mother
The Divine Mother’s Spiritual & energetic universal reality permeates everything in the entire creation. Her Holistic Ancestral Wisdom comes with laws & codes of behavior which our Spirit is familiar with as it is linked to our individual energetic functioning. But what is the state of our energetic integrity? As we destroy nature it shows us how we are disconnected and forgetful about the Divine Mother and our own Spirit and functioning. It is a reflection of how we are far from being in and interacting with the Mother’s Universal creative reality. We have been acting like irresponsible children playing with fire oblivious about the consequences of our actions. What happens to our Soul when it is suffering impositions that are in conflict with the natural expression of our being. It is evident what we see in Nature is a reflection of what we hold inside. We destroy our environment because we are abusing our own Natural being, Spirit & it goes against the way we were created to BE authentically.

Something went seriously wrong to be going in opposition to the Universal Creative Power of the Divine Mother. As the Mother of our spirit she sees and knows how far away we are from her and her consciousness. Originally the Mother gave us wise holistic ways to stay close to her. The Mother’s ancestral codes of behavior is her eternal living wisdom that she bestowed to us as Spirits. The Mother’s Original Wisdom is absolutely necessary in order to live in community, harmony, grace, abundance and balance on this precious planet. Her Original wisdom holds her ever fresh ancestral knowledge and practical tools the Spirit is longing to recover and engage with. She works in consciousness in her Universal spiritual dimension. She is not gravitating at the level of the mind and spiritualized ego. So it is upon the soul to recover consciousness of their Spirit & be reborn into the Mother’s Original Wise Holistic Ways. It is the birthright of the Spirit to be in deep association with the Divine Mother. This is a time where we need to latch on to the Divine Mother and never let go in a committed process to recover consciousness of the Divine Mother in dedicated application of her Original Wisdom. How can we return to the Divine Mother when people are choosing spiritual paths, like shopping in a Spiritual Supermarket, for practices that pleases our ego and appeals to our comfort zone. All I know is the Holistic Wise Ways of the Divine Mother is the direct way back to her because it will destroy what is false all what is in the way of recovering our connection to her. How can the Soul, the authentic part of us, BE closer to her when we are so far away? The only way, in my opinion, is to recover the memory of the Divine Mother, consciousness of her and her Original Knowledge in a profound process and in service to her.

Consequences are complex & opportunity for Humanity
The consequences humanity is suffering are complex. Where are the Wise Elders that were the custodians of Sacred Sites? The Elders were the ones that knew how to protect nature. The marginalization of our Elder Brothers, devastation and access to sacred lands is affecting the possibility to protect our natural living system. Since there has been an annihilation of the Wise Holistic Ancestral Ways once held by the Elders then who is able to do the work that is needed to protect nature.

The opportunity for humanity is that the Divine Mother’s Earth Consciousness & Ancestral Wisdom is still being held sacredly by Wise Elders who have against all odds maintained their commission to the Primordial Mother in service to her. Amongst such Elders, The Kogi Elders, a true lost civilization, are still holding the Original Knowledge of the Divine Mother. They sent the critical message out to the world over 20 years ago in a BBC documentary, ‘From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother’s Warning’ and more recently through a second warning & movie ‘ALUNA’. My Mentor, an ordained Kogi Mama, has been doing the work of balancing & protecting nature through a committed service for over 35 years in America, Colombia & around the world. The message is simple, we need to STOP damaging Nature. Yet, what we are suffering is complex because on top of the destruction of our natural environment we have billions of people generating dissonant human energy. What is our chance to correct & heal? People need to take action to once again behave responsibly & recover nondestructive ways of living. It is our Divine destiny & cannot be avoided.

Saving Grace
In my opinion the saving grace for humanity is coming from the Divine Mother’s orchestrations & magical ways in coordination with very dedicated Souls that are intensely committed to their process & service to her. The powerful work of protecting nature my Mentor has been doing in America & globally is effective because Kogis Mamas are the ones that for millennia have been in very committed service to the Divine Mother. My Mentor, Mama Koginka, is an ordained Kogi Mama recognized by the council of Kogi Mamas from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, the Original Sacred land of the Divine Mother. He is a direct messenger of the Divine Mother.

All I know is my mentor’s work is impeccable and extraordinarily aligned in deep association to the ever fresh presence of the Divine Mother and is effective. It is the spirit that DARES to take righteous action in alignment with our Divine Creator. I recommend people learn from the ones who get along and hold a deep association in service to the Divine Mother.

In the eyes of the Mother each Spirit holds potentiality in service to her. In my experience, the process to recover Consciousness and an integrated Soul requires no less than to stand in the power of our Spirit that Dearly Loves the Primordial Mother and this precious planet. I recovered the privilege and the opportunity of service to the Divine Mother when my Heart listened to the call to be trained over ten years ago by my Mentor through his synchronistic work and the Grace of the Divine Mother. In these critical times we are living, the Mother is calling Souls and orchestrating potentiality for healing of our Spirit and this precious Planet simultaneously. BUT it requires we sincerely listen to the call and engage in a necessary process of energetic refinement and work to recover Consciousness, our Spirit and Wise Holistic Ways in deep association to the Divine Mother.

Regine Veraguas is a Healing Practitioner, Holistic Educator & Project Manager for the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation ~ Afrika NPC & a Certified ‘Xolar Vibronics’ Artisan Healing Practitioner & Holistic Educator including certifications in Bio-Energetic & Vibrational Healing & Foundation Ayurveda. She holds a Healing practice and gives talks & holistic workshops. She is in South Africa helping people in their process of healing, energetic refinement and spiritual development through several healing modalities and by educating people about the Holistic Wise Ancestral Ways of the Divine Mother. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation and its practitioners representing it are the only vehicle for the dissemination of the Holistic Ancestral Wisdom of the Divine Mother throughout the world on behalf of the Kogis Elders. If you are interested, please contact Regine via her details below.

Regine Veraguas: SA ph +27 76 694 1703
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Xolar Vibronics
Xolar Vibronics School, Holistic Education and Healing Services, the Art & Science of Vibrational Reading & Holistic Healing, was founded by Mama Koginka, a legendary Andean Master & Holistic Spiritual Healer. The school helps and guides people through a combination of spiritual practices & healing modalities, including lifestyle mentorship & spiritual training. It is described as ‘Full Spectrum Healing’, which is deeply rooted in the spiritual art & science from the Andes who were great masters of the silent powerful ever-living super science of the Sun. Xolar Vibronics is a very functional & comprehensive methodology that essentially gathers ‘the perennial wisdom of that intelligent force which sustains & rules, with subtle light vibrations, the course of life on planet Earth’. It is work of Consciousness being recovered at an Energetic Vibrational level so that we return to our authentic Original Vibrational Identity unique for each of us.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation ~ Afrika NPC
The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika NPC is based in South Africa. The foundation was created to fully endorse the philanthropic service & the impeccable conscientious behavior that Mama Koginka has exemplified in America & worldwide for the last 35 years; a ministration solely dedicated to preserving, protecting, & nurturing our planet & all that lives within it. We are committed to promulgating his teachings that aids in educating all people throughout the world on the importance of returning to the simple non-destructive wise ways of living & behaving as was originally intended & that will re-establish the harmony in our environment & bring back the balance of the natural system that sustains us. These teachings are referred to as the “ANCESTRAL HOLISTIC WISE WAYS”. We intend to support & assist in the development of his mission by facilitating the elements needed to fulfill his goal in every possible way, as is creating functional places & sanctuaries needed where people can holistically be educated about all that relates to the ecological, environmental & natural safekeeping & caretaking of themselves & the planet.

At the same time we will aid in protecting his spiritual ancestors the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, & the Muiscas of the Savannah of Bogota, Colombia & any other indigenous South African and African custodians that still hold the original commission of the Creator by raising funds to recover their sacred sites & ancestral wisdom.