South Afrika charitable organization 

We sincerely thank our supporters for their kind donations. As a charitable organization, to maintain our level of service including pilgrimages in Cape Town’s sacred sites, we need ongoing support for monthly basic fees.  We are also reaching out to supporters for our development and the next level of service for harmony, balance and consciousness. 

Fundraiser GOAL $900**(USD) – R13,400(ZAR)

Needed by February 26 – $450
Needed by March 27 – $450

**Goal is based on costs for transportation, accommodation, administration and related fees.

Insights about our sacred service

During these times, human beings need guidance and support to engage the heart in very conscious behavior that will lift the spirit into higher levels of consciousness, wisdom, clarity and pure sense of purpose in collaboration with our natural living systems.

What we individually and collectively have been doing has defined humanity and life on earth as we see and experience the world today, including in our relationships and with nature.

The potential, possibility and capability lies within each human spirit as the integrated life-force that is eager to fulfill what it came here to do. What we do or don’t do, in every moment, completely defines us and our future. For us in our sacred service, what we do is fully tuned with what our human spirit has agreed to fulfill in this life.  Alignment is key – not only to our own spirit, pure sense of purpose and to the forces of nature but essentially – to the primordial original power and source of creation, the intelligent pure life-force that runs everything, what we call the Divine Mother.

To flourish and live in harmony and balance in our world – we need to co-create communities of souls attuned to living consciously and to re-building the natural living energetic fabric and systems of the Divine Mother, in the way that she intends it to be. It is about co-creativity with the original primordial source of creation that sustains all life in collaboration with the elements of nature, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, trees and so on.

The problem arises, for humans, when what we do and have been doing is in accordance to a reality that we ‘believe’ to be true and yet – as more people are now seeing – many of our systems operate against what is life-giving, life-sustaining, conscious, wise and natural. When a person begins to awaken to the fact of the artificial matrix – that he or she ‘believes to be true’ and realizes that it is imposed upon and at the detriment of all what is natural, wise, conscious and living including their own spirit – well that is a moment of clarity for that person.  That is a great insight for human beings to get back to the origin of who they really are.  We hold the potentiality and possibility, through a process, to re-align our soul, spirit and life to the living and natural creative pure intelligence that runs all life!

Unfortunately, we are prone to ‘believe’ in mental ideas, ideals, fantasies and in a system that is artificial. ‘Belief’ has miss-guided our potential, life-force, energy and purpose in life. We assist people to recover their real authentic self and the integrity of their spirit – so they may start to re-align themselves to the pure intelligent life-force that runs everything and to the immense grace and blessings of the Mother’s Original Living Wisdom for Earth Preservation.  This is our offering, as people can be assisted, through a process of guidance and support with an impeccable mentor and coach.

Support our Service 

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, a charitable organization, is seeking donations from people who want to contribute to our development.  Our humanitarian service is soundly rooted in the Mother’s Original Living Wisdom for Earth Preservation and the recovery of our Spirit in solid integrity and Consciousness. Our current project is to obtain a piece of land around Cape Town in the Western Cape region.

At this pivotal time in all of our lives, we no longer can deny our urgent need for conscious approaches on most all levels of life.  Our service facilitates an essential foundation for very conscious life-sustaining solutions to grow and develop into a great service and legacy for our local community in Afrika and our global planetary community.   

In order for life-sustaining and wise solutions to be effective it depends upon how reliable and impeccable each one of us is to fulfill what we are called to do in collective consciousness, spiritual integrity and sacred relationship.  Cohesive service that is conducted in such a way is powerful to benefit the whole, our planet and humanity.  You can be part of this immense service through your donation and by joining us. 

We are a conscious group of people working cohesively together supporting and protecting nature in sacred sites that need an essential quality of nurturing energies.  This helps to balance and harmonize the ‘out of proportion’ warning signals we are seeing in nature’s life-sustaining systems around the world. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, based in Cape Town, focuses on working in sacred sites in South Afrika, North Afrika and other Afrikan countries.  

Our Founder, Mama Nuiyuan, a pure Mama, and his Mentor the grand Jate Mama Jacinto pioneered this work since 2007 to bring back the Original Living Wisdom of the Mother in Amerika and around the world.  Our foundation holds in high regard Mama Jacinto and Mama Nuiyuan for their sincere and selfless hard work to nurture and balance Nature and our Mother Earth for the benefit of all of humanity.  

What our service has been  

We are focused on;  

1. Harmonizing, nurturing and balancing nature in sacred sites working intensely with the Mothers of our sacred waters in Cape Town. Our Mother city experienced a most serious drought two years ago. We came so close to reach ‘day zero’ and all kinds of consequences by having our water taps turned off (Feb 2018).  Yet, just in time, Cape Town received good levels of beneficial rains in 2018 that benefited this entire community in many ways and avoided a worst disaster. As of February 2020, we are pleased to have received bountiful rain seasons for the last two (2) years consecutively (2018 & 2019) with our dam levels above 69% and the highest they have been in the last 5 years.  We have been delighted to see the lakes, waterfalls, estuaries replenished and some rivers reaching the ocean again. This service requires our ongoing maintenance .   

2. Teaching those wishing to learn how to bring back the balance.  Bringing holistic wisdom education to raise consciousness in life-affirming, life-sustaining ways that are non-destructive and supportive to all life forms that are rooted in the ancient and original wisdom for earth preservation.  This offers people the sacred space to grow and develop in consciousness in a process for soul and spirit development and training.  


• First priority is to obtain a piece of land preferably in the region neighboring Cape Town within the Western Cape province. We are actively seeking a donation, a gift for a piece of land.  

• To invite Mama Nuiyuan to South Afrika for the next level of auspicious service in this country including the work in sacred sites.  

Next level of support  

We are seeking charitable contributions such as a donation or a gift to obtain a piece of land to hold a sanctuary and retreat center. Such a parcel of land would be harmonized, balanced and rooted in the ancient arts and original wisdom of spiritual and energetic integrity.  This empowered space of vital natural life forces would be maintained by highly trained apprentices of our school and would never be sold, commercialized or neglected.  This integrated sacred land and sanctuary and our impeccable service would directly benefit Cape Town, South Afrika, and include many far reaching benefits to other Afrikan countries and globally.  

If you are interested to contribute, I invite you to contact me to learn more about us, our work, goals, projects, what we offer, how you can assist and what your contribution facilitates. Thank you for your kind support. 


GOAL $900**(USD) – R13,400(ZAR) 

Needed by February 26 – $450
Needed by March 27 – $450 

**Goal is based on costs for transportation, accommodation, administration and related fees.  

Any remaining funds will go towards costs associated with our foundation’s projects.  

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* Donations are tax deductible for South Afrikans & most other countries, please ask us for a Tax Receipt.   

Consider making a monthly donation. Your contribution small or sizeable is greatly appreciated and helps us to reach our great goals.   


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In sacred service with gratitude for your donation. 

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