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The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, a charitable organization, is seeking donations and gifts from people who can contribute to our development and projects in Cape Town, South Afrika.  Our work and mission is rooted in the original living wisdom for earth preservation and the recovery of consciousness.

The current times we are living are increasingly revealing and showing us that change is so critically needed. We no longer can deny our urgent need for conscious approaches on most all levels of life. And yet in the midst of these increasing chaotic times, if we are keen to perceive, some may see that conscious solutions are here and change is coming.

How change will play out is unknown.  What we do know is … life-sustaining and wise solutions depends upon how reliable we are to fulfill what we are called to do with a high level of collective consciousness, integrity and sacred relationship with the life forces of nature … for the benefit of the whole, our planet and humanity.

We are a conscious group of people cohesively supporting and protecting nature in sacred sites that so critically need a special quality of nurturing energies to balance and harmonize the ‘out of proportion’ warning signals we are seeing in our natural life-sustaining systems around the world. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, based in Cape Town, focuses on working in sacred sites in South Afrika, North Afrika and other Afrikan countries.

Our Founder, Mama Nuiyuan and his Mentor the great Jate Mama Jacinto pioneered this work since 2007 to bring back the Original Living Wisdom of the Mother in Amerika and around the world.  Our foundation holds in high regard Mama Jacinto and Mama Nuiyuan for their sincere and selfless hard work to nurture and balance Nature and our Mother Earth for the benefit of all of humanity.

What our service has been

We are focused on;

  1. Harmonizing, nurturing and balancing nature working intensely with the Mothers of our sacred waters in Cape Town. Our Mother city experienced a most serious drought just a little over a year ago. We came very close to reach ‘day zero’ and all kinds of consequences by having our water taps turned off (Feb 2018). Yet, just in time Cape Town received good levels of beneficial rains in 2018 that benefited this community in many ways and avoided a worst disaster. Additionally, as of October 2019, we are delighted to experience a bountiful rain season with dam levels now above 80%.  We are seeing the lakes, waterfalls, estuaries being replenished and some rivers reaching the ocean again. The natural flow of water holds an essential function for the harmony and balance of our sacred waters and nature. This service requires our ongoing maintenance.
  2. Teaching those wishing to learn how to bring back the balance.  Bringing holistic wisdom education to raise consciousness in life-affirming, life-sustaining ways that are non-destructive and supportive to all life forms that are rooted in the ancient and original wisdom for earth preservation.  This offers people the sacred space to grow and develop in consciousness in a process for soul and spirit development and training. 

Projects & goals

‘The next phase is focused on ‘developing’ our Foundation, to;

  1. Obtain and hold a retreat center. We are actively looking for a donation, a gift, a grant for a piece of land. 
  2. Invite Mama Nuiyuan to South Afrika for the next level of auspicious service in this country’s sacred sites.  While our Founder is visiting, special workshops may be offered.

Next level of support

We are seeking charitable contributions such as a gift, a donation, a grant to obtain a piece of land to hold a sanctuary and retreat center. Such a parcel of land would be harmonized, balanced and rooted in the ancient arts and original wisdom of spiritual and energetic integrity.  This space of vital natural life forces would be maintained by highly trained apprentices of our school and would never be sold, commercialized or neglected.  This integrated sacred land and sanctuary and our impeccable service would directly benefit Cape Town, South Afrika, and include many far reaching benefits to other Afrikan countries and globally.

If you are interested to contribute, I invite you to contact me to learn more about us, our goals, projects, how you can assist us and what your contribution facilitates. Thank you for your kind support.


GOAL Total $1,800 (US Dollars) or R27,300 (Rand)

Funds needed by 21 October, 2019 – $300

Total is based on costs for admin, accounting, transportation & other associated fees for 6 months, averaging $300/month.

Any remaining funds will go towards costs associated with our foundation’s goals and projects.

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For sizeable DONATIONS, wire transfer or EFT is recommended.
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* Donations are tax deductible for South Africans & most other countries, please ask us for a Tax Receipt.

Consider making a monthly donation. Your contribution small or sizeable is greatly appreciated and helps us to reach our great goals.


Visit this fundraiser link for updates in the comments section below, on;

  1. Our projects, goals & service
  2. Donations received & total reached

Book Healing sessions & help raise funds

Offering discounted Healing sessions.  Normally R800 for 90 minutes are discounted to R675. 

Sincerely in sacred service with gratitude for your donation.

Regine Veraguas

Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner & Project Manager
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