Fundraiser – Colombia pilgrimage & service in South Afrika – 26 Aug 2018


Colombia pilgrimage

I have been asked to participate in a pilgrimage taking place in Colombia. The purpose of this upcoming pilgrimage is to enhance and strengthen the service in South Afrika so we can take it to the next level. As the one responsible for establishing and developing our foundation, it is vital for me to participate in this gathering organized by my mentor. It is the next synchronistic step. Your donation directly links you in authentic and true participation in the development of South Afrika energetically and spiritually and from that we all benefit. As many of you know, the continent of South Amerika was once connected to the Afrika continent so there is a vital link between these sacred lands that needs to be solidly improved upon.

Essential service in South Afrika

We hold a sacred and essential service in and for South Afrika.  As the Project Manager, I consider it a supreme privilege to be fully immersed, dedicated and focused to fulfill our mission.  Additionally, we are very conscious of all the ways and generous benefits it is bringing to this community.  Cape Town has been receiving beneficial rains in the last months relieving the community from a severe drought.

Our service is about sustaining and holding a refined level of energetic integrity, heart to grow and develop in consciousness and light.  That powerfully facilitates harmonizing forces of nature, original spiritual ancestors, our sacred waters including sacred sites and land in South Afrika and Afrika. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is in its childhood stage of establishment yet it is solidly being rooted in sacred collaboration with the source of creation, the Divine Mother.

The next phase of our mission is to acquire, develop and hold a retreat center. Any donations above what is needed will go towards the development of our foundation and a retreat center. We are actively looking for donors, gifts of land and home.

We offer people the Divine Mother’s original living wisdom for earth preservation, her wise ways. We facilitate this in many ways, yet generally it is through gatherings, workshops and healing sessions.  This is so yearning souls may join us, learn and be educated to grow in consciousness.  I have been doing this for over 12 years now as an apprentice to my mentor, Mama Nuiyuan, whose close and dedicated work to help the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, has earned him the honor to be recognized and ordained by them as the First and only Mama outside their culture.  To give some perspective, my mentor is a high high doctor for the earth and to tell you the truth there are very few people like him on earth.  The earth is sick because the laws and codes of behavior and associations to the Mother’s forces of nature have been lost, forgotten and neglected.

Join Us. Time is now for people to step up

Join us. It is time now for South Afrikans and people around the world to step up, engage, donate and participate to support and sustain our impeccable service so it grows and develops effectively and powerfully!  Your donation, support and giving attitude are absolutely necessary. Our mentor has been in very dedicated service in Amerika and Colombia for over 25 years through our parent foundation with a group of Amerikans and people from around the world. Yet our Afrika foundation also is dependent upon and needs to be supported by South Afrikans who are directly benefiting, as well as from people around the world.  This is an immense opportunity and privilege to donate as it auspiciously connects you to this amazing service.  South Afrikans may also participate by joining our workshops, gatherings and healing sessions in Cape Town.

Fundamentally your support benefits South Afrika to,

• harmonize and nourish nature to support the functioning of nature’s cycles and weather patterns including our sacred waters
• balance and harmonize the eco-energetic system and function of sacred sites
• raise consciousness in life-affirming, life-sustaining ways that are non-destructive and supportive to all life forms
• bring consciousness of the Mother’s wisdom for earth preservation and offer it to souls who are keen to grow in consciousness and in a process of spiritual development and training
• support souls to heal their ancestral lineage, themselves and leave behind a better legacy for the next generation
• guide souls to function with the source of creation and nourish nature so that we may live in harmony on this paradise that is our home.


Pilgrimage to Colombia


Total $7,020 (US Dollars) or R99,975 (Rand)

Funds needed by 27 September, 2018
Total includes a round trip ticket & associated fees for three (3) months.

DONATE via PayPal link on our site,

For sizeable DONATIONS, wire transfer or EFT is recommended.
Please contact Regine for bank details.
Ph +27 76 694 1703 or

Book Healing sessions NOW & help raise funds

Offering discounted Healing sessions.  Normally R800 for 90 minutes are discounted to R675.  Chakra balancing healing sessions follow a precise protocol that is offered only by Xolar Vibronics certified healing practitioners.  (Offer expires 27 September 2018)

Supporting our Service

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is actively seeking donors, individuals, philanthropists and organizations to support not only this pilgrimage to Colombia but the full scope of our mission and service.  I am very happy to share more with people interested.

Sincerely in sacred service with deep gratitude for your donation.

Regine Veraguas

Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner & Project Manager
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