The KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION AFRIKA is actively seeking people, organizations & philanthropists who are interested in supporting us towards restoring balance to nature, human dignity & greater consciousness within humanity. Our service in & for South Afrika & Afrika totally depends on the generous support of people who feel the importance, uniqueness & integrity of our mission & high service & who are inclined to help.

  • Donations are tax deductible for South Africans & most other countries. 



These funds will help to pay for general operating fees to establish our foundation and transportation costs associated with pilgrimages to important sacred sites. Any remaining donations will go towards costs to purchase a piece of land to facilitate our foundation’s development and to hold a Retreat ‘Holistic Education’ Center.

A gift…grant…donation

to get a piece of LAND

We are seeking charitable contributions such as a grant, a gift, a donation to obtain a piece of land that would facilitate our foundation’s development and to hold a sanctuary and retreat center. Such a parcel of land would be harmonized, balanced and rooted in the ancient arts and original wisdom of spiritual and energetic integrity.  This space of vital natural life forces would be maintained by highly trained apprentices of our school and would never be sold, commercialized or neglected.  This integrated sacred land and sanctuary and our impeccable service would directly benefit Cape Town, South Afrika with many far reaching benefits to other Afrikan countries and globally.