BE in the heart, empower your soul & recover your spirit, consciousness – 11 Mar 2018

By Regine Veraguas

It is the birth right of every soul, spirit & heart to experience and express life in very wise ways that brings fulfillment, love, pure consciousness and purpose. Recovering consciousness is about the remembering and re-organizing of our spirit, who we are authentically, our origin as a spirit and soul and to function as such. Due to the lifestyle changes in the last centuries most humans have suffered from the loss of recognizing who they really are; thus an impeccable coach or mentor is needed to bring back their consciousness and sense of self. This practice has to be very honest and effective in facing ourselves so that we may start to recognize and clear what does not belong and agree with our real being. To BE full in our soul and heart is an experience as a luminous body, shining soul. That is the authentic healing that is needed and being called for in these times. Each soul is born with a very unique original vibrational identity bestowed to us by our universal creator. A soul that sincerely engages to regain their original vibration is on a path of deep healing so that she/he may fulfill their sacred agreement in service and pure consciousness to the creative source of all, the Divine Mother.

This article is meant to introduce some simple elements of caring for our energy body, our soul, so it may spark interest in people yearning for healing. To experience the process addressed in this article I recommend people work with a certified Xolar Vibronics practitioner. I will focus on the importance of tending to our soul with care. I will explain that soul healing is about recovering our energy and integrity. I will speak about applying wisdom and discernment in how we use our energy. We will be looking at spiritual development in the sense that we are addressing our energy.

The Human Energy, Heart, Soul, Spirit & Luminous Body
The human soul is sensitive just as much as most people are aware that the heart is sensitive. Or is it that many of us are de-sensitized to much of what goes on around us, as well as, within our own energy. Clearly the way we conduct ourselves needs to be in agreement with our own soul, spirit and heart. We need to harmonize ourselves in such a way that we exercise the wisdom of our heart, the beauty of our soul and the function of our spirit.

Our Soul is made up of units of energy and runs the body, it fully functions in the body. The soul is the human expression for the spirit which is life-force. You could say the soul is between the spirit and the human body. It is important we wisely hold ourselves as a soul … spirit and recognize that we are made up of essential spiritual energy that is very precious energy. The luminous body is egg shaped and covers our physical body. Our energy body reflects the quality of energy we hold in our luminous body as shining filaments of light. The energy body is a complex functioning of energetic systems. The complex functioning of our energy bodies have been described by ancient healing traditions around the world. In the Hindu tradition we have the function of the kundalini linked to our 7 main chakras or wheels of energy and 72,000 nadis, points of energy in our body. In the Chinese Taoist tradition, we have 12 main meridian pathways where chi energy flows and are connected to all the organs of our body. Being conscious that we have a luminous body, that we are a soul, spirit and that our energy is power and light than one can begin to be discerning and care-full in how we use our energy. A conscious person and spirit is someone who cares a great deal about the quality of energy we hold and create.

Consciousness, wisdom, BE in the heart
Recovering consciousness is an activity that is happening at the level of our heart and soul not with our conceptual mind. Learning wise ways of behaving, original wisdom supports us to have much clarity, tools and guidance to see how we affect our individual energy and consciousness. Wisdom sheds light on the fact that we often spend too much energy and time in mind related activities and it often builds to the point we are challenged to stop. Seeing this we need to make space, nurture and allow the wisdom of our heart to have a voice. We are looking at the way we conduct ourselves in most things we do, how we relate, our expressions, in other words, the sum total of who we are as a collection of experiences when using the mind thinking, evaluating, analyzing etc. The heart is actually wise and I invite people to find out what it is to hang out and be in the heart in all activities. You may find out that you can do everything with heart.

Using discernment & caring for our Soul
There are countless complex factors that directly affect our soul and how it may have been exposed energetically. What happens in some life events and scenarios is that our soul’s energy is targeted. We exist in a multi-dimensional reality made up of spiritual forces where some are benevolent and some non-benevolent. We need to know that dark forces exist and additionally that they are not able to produce light energy. This renders our soul’s essence as a precious commodity that is sought after by dark forces. Essentially, the process of soul healing is to track and recover pieces of our essence, energy that was lost, dis-integrated, chased away, cracked, leaked etc. Many of us have had experiences where we felt empty often times pursuing certain types of degrading self-pleasing activities. Using discernment guides us to know that certain activities are un-dignifying to our soul. Through a committed process of engagement with a coach or mentor, if we are very honest and have the energy required to face ourselves, we may begin to shed light on resilient tendencies that deviate, misuse and degrade our energy.

When we see what is happening to nature, one may ask, how did the destruction to nature happen to the critical point it is? We are living in a revealing time as the world around us, within our communities, is not functioning harmoniously and sustainably. In order to bring change and healing to natural living systems, community, we must first heal ourselves. Remember, healing begins with ourselves first.

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