The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika was created out of the urgent need to bring to the awareness and consciousness of all people on earth the underlying causes and reasons which have ultimately produced the actual and undeniable critical situation that humanity has arrived at now, possibly to a point of no return and to teach those wishing to learn how to bring back the balance.

The unprecedented situation humanity is facing today and the global dis-order and dis-harmony that has reached all levels and status of our society, is so real, harsh and threatening that it is impossible to deny or to pretend to be oblivious about it. Over the last decade many causes and reasons have been exposed as to why humans have arrived at such a dangerous and critical situation.

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is a Non Profit Company, Non Profit Organization & Public Benefit Organization dedicated to the restoration and proliferation of the “Original Wise Ways” that are innately known by all human beings courageous enough to live by and with the Heart. Prior to the Christian conquest, many indigenous cultures and civilizations actively recognized and lived according to these ‘Wise Holistic Ways of the Heart’.  

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika was also created to hold a place where people can participate in a variety of ways in recovering and holding consciousness of the “Original Wise Ways” and contribute in the urgent recovery of sacred sites in nature.

Join us to learn how you can make a difference.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika based in Cape Town, South Africa is a fully registered,
Non Profit Company
(NPC 2016/035049/08)
Non Profit Organization
(NPO 174-138)
Pubic Benefit Organization
(PBO 930054892)

Human beings & our home, earth

We human beings, once upon a time, interacted with nature, the earth & entire creation in sacred relationship. We in consciousness, brought nourishment, harmony and balance to the living system that sustains us & all life on earth.

That time is NOW.

Presentation courtesy of our main foundation, Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Amerika