Koginka Sewaluna Foundation 


For Mother’s Earth Wisdom Preservation

Welcoming you home

The parent KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION was created in Amerika by a legendary, native Andean, spiritual mentor and holistic educator and those students and practitioners of his teachings around the world that are seriously concerned about the situation of the planet and that are deeply interested in protecting the environment and nature in their countries and places of birth.  We are people, just like you, that seriously want to help in all possible ways to repair and reverse the consequences and causes of our global downfall at this critical and serious point.

We stand for the preservation and promotion of the “Holistic Wise Ways” of Earth restoration, and consciousness of the Living Earth and the Divine Mother. This is ancient spiritual and practical knowledge the Kogi Elders and other indigenous people’s have been preserving and living in accordance with for countless millennia.   

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Amerika works closely with the Kogi Elders (in Colombia), some of the last remaining holders of this original and holistic life-sustaining wisdom. The foundation actively strives to preserve and promote this wisdom through a wide range of tangible and spiritual methods. 

Presentation courtesy of our main foundation:

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Amerika

Our founder

Koginka Kamaru Xue, is an original andean master from Colombia, South Amerika, and a holistic body-mind-spirit healer, acclaimed as one of the most accurate vibrational readers of the world.  He is a skillful practitioner of an eclectic combination of natural healing modalities and a genius in the art and science of empathetic and sympathetic resonance.  He began his intense training with world-wide known masters at a very early age and refined his special talents and natural ability to read subtle energy facts with remarkable perception.  

Dr. Xue has spent many years in intense spiritual visionary quests in the heart of the Andean Mountains in severe retreats and pilgrimages where he reached deep communion with the Cosmic Spirit and strong link with the wisdom of his ancestors and mentors.  His close and dedicated work to help the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, has earned him the honor to be recognized and ordained by them as the First and only Mama outside their culture.

He is well known in his field for his discovery of the VIBRATIONAL IMPACTS  that are encoded like parasites in the subtle components of the luminous body of the human structure, which are the very cause of all kinds of tendencies, vicious patterns of self-sabotage and health disorders.  These amazing findings make him part of the great pioneers that are sculpting the true Holistic Medicine of the future. 

At his school, XOLAR VIBRONICS, he gathers all the best of his studies, findings and versatile creativity totally committed to compassionately contribute something truly valuable and wise to help the transformation of his fellow humans. At his school Dr. Xue leads healing ceremonies and ministries, training programs and workshops, country and worldwide, and trains holistic educators and qualified practitioners.  He also conducts a remarkable private practice full of miracles with an extended international community.​

Our purpose

The KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION AFRIKA has been created in Cape Town, South Afrika, in cooperation with the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Amerika for the conscious purpose of bringing to the awareness of all inhabitants of our precious planet Earth the underlying causes and reasons which have ultimately produced the actual and undeniable critical situation that humanity has arrived at, possibly to a point of no return; and to teach those wishing to learn how to bring back the balance and share valuable elements to create healing.

The dire predicament humanity faces did not emerge on the world stage – as a powerful reflection that change is needed – without an equally powerful solution being made available to people with a sincere and committed Heart to apply these solutions. These ancient and timeless life centered solutions – so simple in their fundamental nature – have been carefully and discreetly preserved and kept alive by small pockets of people all over the world, for thousands of years. In recent centuries many of these groups and people have been all but destroyed and/or infiltrated by self-centered tendencies. 

Sacred Alliance

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is affiliated and works closely in sacred association with the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. By the nature of this alliance, our activities are closely affiliated with the Kogi Elders of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. The Kogi Elders, called “Mamas”, meaning “Sun” are the Spiritual Leaders of one of the last remaining in-tact tribe of pre-Colombian indigenous people. The Kogi live in profound consciousness with what they refer to as the “Original Wisdom of the Divine Mother”, of our Primordial Mother and Mother Earth. They are attuned in deep association to what they call ‘ALUNA’ which refers to the ‘Mind of the Mother’ or the “Original Universal Creative Dimension”.  Where physical phenomena, impecably aligned and formulated with-in the Mind of the Mother, may be organized and manifest into reality.  

Our mission

The KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION AFRIKA was created to fully endorse the philanthropic service & the impeccable conscientious behavior that Koginka Kamaru Xue has exemplified in Amerika & worldwide for the last 30 years; a ministration solely dedicated to preserving, protecting, & nurturing our planet & all that lives within it. We are committed to promulgating his teachings that aids in educating all people throughout the world on the importance of returning to the simple non-destructive wise ways of living & behaving as was originally intended & that will re-establish the harmony in our environment & bring back the balance of the natural system that sustains us. These teachings are referred to as the “ANCESTRAL HOLISTIC WISE WAYS”. We intend to support & assist in the development of his mission by facilitating the elements needed to fulfill his goal in every possible way, as is creating functional places & sanctuaries needed where people can holistically be educated about all that relates to the ecological, environmental & natural safekeeping & caretaking of themselves & the planet.

At the same time we will aid in protecting his spiritual ancestors the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, & the Muiscas of the Savannah of Bogota, Colombia & any other indigenous South Afrikan & Afrikan custodians that still hold the original commission of the Creator by raising funds to recover their sacred sites & ancestral wisdom.