Fundraiser – Establishing our Sacred Service in Cape Town, a conscious solution – 11 Mar 2018

What we observe through our service is that powerful work is needed in sacred sites in Cape Town, South Afrika.  We are experiencing serious consequences with the drought and this clearly points to our responsibility to take righteous action.  To do this and establish the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika’s sacred service we need the kind and generous support from people that value and resonate with our great work.

Our recent pilgrimage to sacred places in Cape Town is complete but we see how it must go on intensely along with establishing our service here.  We say this because what we stand for, our foundation’s mission and goals in and for South Afrika, is needed for effective conscious change. Regine is trained to fulfill her role, function and be effective at it which includes her service in sacred sites and holding a level of consciousness as a wise woman in this community for souls that feel called to recover their spirit, wisdom in consciousness and to be of service. For all of this to happen support is necessary. Our role and function in South Afrika is closely coordinated with our Mentor’s and the Mother’s spiritual organization. In other words, we are doing this service in South Afrika with spiritual alliance, structure and function as our work is reinforced and supported.

In addition to our service in sacred sites, we assist people to recover their spirit so they can heal energetically and in consciousness re-align with the universal creative source and obey the Laws of the Mother. One person holding consciousness, in that way, can help many people and bring about necessary changes in a community, country as it ripples out.

Your support to our appeal for funds assists in South Afrika to,

– harmonize & nourish nature to support the energetic functioning of nature’s cycles & weather patterns
– especially harmonize the sacred spirit of water in Cape Town & surrounding areas
– balance the eco-energetic function & system of sacred sites
– coach & assist people to recover their spirit so they may function in consciousness
– educate & coach people to recover consciousness of the Mother’s Original Living Wisdom
– educate & coach souls that are keen to return to Wise Holistic Ways for the Mother’s Earth Wisdom Preservation
– raise consciousness in life-affirming, life-sustaining ways that are supportive to all life forms
– support souls to heal themselves, their lineage and leave behind a better legacy for the next generation

Our immediate goals are,

– to solidly establish the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika, our mission, projects & goals in South Afrika
– to continue & intensify the service to sacred sites in Cape Town & South Afrika
– to find a place to hold a sanctuary for holistic education gatherings, retreats where souls can engage to recover their spirit, the Mother’s Earth Wisdom & Holistic Wise Ways in profound consciousness.

Your donation

Our sacred service requires the kind generosity from people who want to help and support us achieve our goals in South Afrika. Please support us in the form of Donations to our Foundation, the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika. We need funds for general operating fees and transportation costs.

Our intention is to raise $3500 or R42,000, to support our goals and for another Pilgrimage to sacred sites in Cape Town.

Donate via our foundation’s PayPal account: Donate
EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), contact Regine for Bank Details. Ph +27 (0) 76 694 1703, email

For sizeable donations Wire Transfer is recommended, contact Regine for Bank Details. Ph +27 (0) 76 694 1703, email

We welcome contributions in any amount. Even if you can only contribute R20-100 it will connect you to our beautiful service. If you can donate R500-1000 or more it is wonderful because we would reach our goal more quickly! BE the first to join us in this great opportunity and very conscious solution.

Special Offerings to support our purpose

Join us for this special offering in Cape Town. Regine is facilitating Holistic Healing mini workshops for Conscious Living and private healing sessions. All proceeds go to the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika as donations.  Click for details

Mini workshops cover elements to learn a wholesome natural approach to healing yourself. They are designed consecutively to support your Healing process especially when receiving private sessions with Regine.
24 March, elements of detoxification, nutrition, practices to support physical health
31 March, energy body, our spirit, chakras, kundalini, luminous body & soul
7 April, creative energy & being in the heart. Being conscious, an empowered woman or man
14 April, who & what is the cosmic spirit, the Divine Mother & her wisdom
21 April, aligning & tuning to our life’s purpose, vision quest
28 April, practical tools to break through limitations & empower our soul in co-creativity

Seeking donors, individuals, philanthropists & organizations

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is actively seeking donors, individuals, philanthropists and organizations to support our service.  We are happy to give details about our service and contribution in South Afrika and Afrika, so please reach out.  It is an effective contribution in consciousness, wisdom and in sacred sites to harmonize nature’s life sustaining systems.

Our website:

Please SHARE with people you feel may be inclined to support our cause.

We thank you kindly for being part of this righteous service in these prophetic times.

Sincerely in Sacred Service,
Regine Veraguas,
Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner & Project Manager
Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika
Ph, +27 (0) 76 694 1703