Fundraiser – Cape Town drought & our Sacred Service … opportunity & conscious solution – 6 Feb 2018

Due to the severe drought in Cape Town it has become necessary to intensify our service in sacred sites. To do this and simultaneously establish the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika we need the kind support from people that value and resonate with our great work.

In Cape Town, South Afrika we are experiencing a precarious drought that is affecting 4 Million people and many more in surrounding cities reaching as far as Port Elizabeth. Around the world this is making headline news as “Cape Town could be the first city to have the water taps turned off”.

Why speak of this and why you should care?

To bring awareness about the essential service being done through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika in Cape Town and surrounding communities. This sacred service is associated with original ancestral wisdom that is energetic and spiritual in nature from the very beginning … origin of time immemorial. In our view, this is the first and foremost solution that supports everything and anything else and addresses specifically the status of sacred natural sites of this land.

“SACRED” means holy and is linked with spirit. It implies something that should not be disturbed and deserves respect. “SACRED SITES” are places of NATURE that hold a critical ecological and spiritual significance. Elders recognize these to be like acupuncture points in the body of the Earth, that form an energetic grid, network and hold a vital role in maintaining the health and vitality of nature, our life sustaining systems. 

Our service in impeccable coordination with our Mentor, Mama Koginka, is critically important and absolutely necessary. In order to continue, doing the service of harmonizing, balancing and nourishing sacred sites of this beautiful country, support is needed. Along with being a custodian to sacred sites, Regine coaches and educates people to recover ancient original wisdom and consciousness to hold a fundamental role in sacred relationship with nature and our creative source. She offer this through workshops, coaching and a healing practice.

The destruction to our life sustaining system, sacred sites and nature has reached a tragic tipping point. The energetic and spiritual implications are complex requiring the very precise, high level of expertise from a few rare individuals, like our Mentor, who is relentlessly immersed in his service and assists souls who are sincerely in service to the cosmic creative power of everything.

Your Support

Our service in Cape Town requires the kind generosity from people who want to help our high level of service in South Afrika. Please support us in the form of Donations to our Foundation, the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika. We currently need funds for transportation to important sacred sites and general operating fees.

Our goal is to raise $1200 or R14,500 by 28 February, for our pilgrimage that is in progress to various sacred sites since returning from Colombia.

Donate via our foundation’s PayPal account:

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), contact Regine for Bank Details. Ph +27 (0) 76 694 1703, email

For sizeable donations Wire Transfer is recommended, contact Regine for Bank Details. Ph +27 (0) 76 694 1703, email

We welcome contributions in any amount as it all helps. Even if you can only contribute R20-100 it will connect you to our beautiful service. If you can donate R500-1000 we would reach our goal with just 15-30 donations! BE the first to join us in this great opportunity and very conscious solution !!!

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is actively seeking donors, individuals, philanthropists and organizations to further establish our service in South Africa. We are happy to give details about our contribution to Cape Town and South Afrikan communities to people who are interested.

Our website: For more info about our goals, what we have done so far and our service, click here.

We thank you kindly for acting upon and being part of this most crucial righteous service in these prophetic times.

Sincerely & wholeheartedly, in Sacred Service,
Regine Veraguas,
Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner & Project Manager
Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika
Ph, +27 (0) 76 694 1703 

Nature … all life on earth … landscapes, forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, animals, insects, all living forms were once bubbling and bountiful in vitality all over this creation. Do you remember? Where has that beautiful beaming life force gone and what is the source of that creative power? The Original Source of All is the highest and most Sacred … what is your relationship to that Sacred Creative Force and Power? Water is Life … Water is Sacred … and is profoundly associated with the Creative Source of All Life on Earth…