“Balancing the Eco-Energetics of the Planet”


Virtually everyone knows that many of the key eco-systems of our planet are in trouble, mostly because of human short-sightedness and greed. As Einstein pointed out, the thinking which gets one into trouble cannot be the same thinking that gets one out of it. We need something new. But maybe, we also need something old, even very old. Like all the combined wisdom held by the remaining wisdom-keepers among indigenous peoples – or those who have learned from them – around the world, perhaps? Regine Veraguas reports on one such effort.

What does it mean to protect the integrity of nature and balance the eco-energetic system of the world and how immense is that role and responsibility? Through my own experience participating in this service, it is monumental work because there is a great deal of negativity that we as human beings create through the unconscious activity of the mind coming from deeply resilient (negative) tendencies and inclinations. What happens when that negativity accumulates and where does it go? Often it is dumped in nature, in the land, lakes and rivers. And who balances that? Well, someone has to. The art and act of balancing that negativity is done around the world by a variety of people working on geopathy and eco-spiritual rebalancing using a variety of techniques.
One such lineages is that of the ‘Mama Maestro’, an ordained messenger of the Mother (Gaia), whose spiritual heritage lies in the native traditions of the Americas.

In the last 50-100 years we have done severe damage by building structures that break up the eco-energetic flow. The integrity of nature is being damaged by building along the oceans, highways that interrupt the energetic lines that flow around the planet, ports on sacred lands which posses special properties related to healthy eco-energetics, putting up electric transmission lines and power grids, as well as manufacturing plants, all combined with the widespread mining of mountains and damming of rivers and lakes. The list of damaging activities goes on, with one prime effect being much-accelerated climate change and all that comes with that.
In case there was any doubt that the effects of all this are seriously negative for both the planet as a whole and its many life-forms, the serious disruption of the energetic flow is evident in the increasing intensity and natural calamities. We have imbalances in nature manifesting in droughts around the world that have serious consequences such as fires, while in other parts it is causing too much rain resulting in flooding and mudslides, along with an increasing intensity and number of catastrophic storms.

In short, we have been destroying nature, the system that sustains us. One can only imagine how monumental this work is to protect the integrity of nature and to create balance in nature including protecting sacred sites in the face of the destruction and imbalances to nature’s integrity. The work being done in America to offset as much of this damage as possible is a dedicated service that serves as a very powerful model, an example, of what I am confident should be followed all over the world.

We need to see how essential it is to recover consciousness and align with the Divine Mother’s ‘Original Living Knowledge’. If human beings continue to create overwhelming amounts of negativity coming from arrogance and ignorance, nothing will get better.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation
The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation, based in America, supports all wisdom-keepers and light shamans that have alliance with Mother Earth and who, through their efforts, help sustains us. Part of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Mission says it exists so supporters and other interested persons can learn from the world’s tribal and ancestral spiritual and environmental teachings. These teachings are referred to as the ‘Holistic Wise Ways’, which means to return to simple and non-destructive ways of living and behaviours that are not harmful to nature and human interaction. They encompass a variety of cultures and interactions with all ecosystems and include the sharing of these tribes’ culture of co-existence with the natural world and environment. We hope to teach of the urgent necessity to recover the harmonious functioning of the world’s ecosystems and the responsibility each individual has in preserving and protecting such ecosystems.

In this work we are trained to effectively engage to create balance in nature, to refine our energies and to hold a fundamental level of harmony. We have many students in America who are holding a level of harmony and are able to create beneficial energy in their own spiritual functioning. We are trained in mastering our own energetic development and ability to hold in integrity the consciousness of the Divine Mother in attunement, alignment and reciprocity to her.

Among those leading this organisation is Yogi Mama Koginka, a Maestro Mama. Despite being called a ‘Mama’, Yogi Mama Koginka is a male as ‘Mama’ means ‘Sun’ for the Kogis. He has been accepted by the Kogi Mamas themselves to be the ‘only Mama’ in the world who has been ordained by our Divine Mother (Gaia) to do the work of re-harmonising the eco-energetic system of the planet using knowledge emanating out of what is called ‘the Sacred Original Mother Land of the world’, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. He is the ‘only Mama’ of the Kogi ancestral system which has developed in that particular region and is recognised by the ‘Council of Mamas’ as a ‘Kogi Mama’. He is renowned as a ‘direct messenger’ from the Original Ancestral Spirit, ‘the Mother of all’. He has been doing the silent work and service of balancing and protecting nature in alliance with his ancestors the Kogis and Muiscas in America for many long years, as well as working for Africa and for the entire planet.

Yogi Mama Koginka’s work in America has been to train apprentices from all over the world. So, in America, we are prepared to engage and hold in effective and practical ways to balance and protect the integrity of nature and to harmonise and protect sacred sites.

Yogi Mama Koginka, in alliance with his ancestors the Kogi Mamas, known to be among the very few in the world who are able to read the original design codes of the Mother in nature and sacred sites.

How does it work?
In America, in the early years of my training, I participated in many events to protect the integrity of nature and create balance in nature and protect sacred sites. In one such event we were near Mount Washington. The original spiritual ancestors of that mountain were extremely sad and offended as their people and descendants were directly affected by the calamities and atrocities of the near-genocide of Native Americans over the last few hundred years. We were guided to do specific work to help harmonise the extreme sadness and fear held by the spiritual ancestors and which was in nature and affecting sacred sites. It took days of consistent, precise, energetic work, crafted and guided by Yogi Mama Koginka and his ancestors, the Kogi Mamas. We could not go to the mountain until a level of individual and collective work had been accomplished. Individually, we were initiated in a process of recognising our own ancestral offenses to the original spiritual ancestors of our country of birth. By the end of the workshop, the original ancestors were happy and nature was replenished and nourished through the blessings of rain. Effectively, this was a step in the process of repairing the energetic ley-lines, re-establishing and protecting the balance and integrity of nature, and in protecting Mount Washington.

On a separate pilgrimage, we did work at Mount Shasta, Lake Siskiyou, a river connected to that sacred mountain and other sacred sites. In Mount Shasta, a very powerful place, the spiritual original ancestors, who are the angelic forces of nature, were offended because people were going there and doing misaligned ceremonies. The offenses were deep and ongoing and damaging to the natural integrity of that mountain. I learned it would take many years of consistent spiritual work to re-harmonise the deep offenses to that sacred mountain and to return it to its original natural functioning and integrity. We were able to go to the mountain and do for the first time the real energetic work as an unprecedented event. The process had effectively begun as the mountain was ‘unbelievably thrilled’ to receive the beneficial work that was delivered. This sacred mountain’s link had been cut but that day was re-connected to the ‘Sacred Original Mother Land of the World’.

Working in Africa
In the last four years I have been to Africa on four spiritual pilgrimages and each time a level of energetic work is being fulfilled. I was guided to sacred sites in this beautiful land of the Mother, South Africa, and to my place of birth, in North Africa, in Casablanca, Morocco, and to the sacred mountain of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I am guided in this work and service to establish a spiritual foundation, to develop the work in South Africa and to recover the Mother’s ‘Original Knowledge’ in Africa. The process includes a reconnecting with the original spiritual ancestors of this sacred land in order to create balance and protect nature’s integrity and sacred sites. The work and service has been sustained to harmonise and help Africa for many years from America. In addition, when I am in Africa the work of re-harmonising is being done simultaneously from America and in Africa through my service. All of this service requires precise and elaborate preparation and co-ordination.

The work Yogi Mama Koginka is doing with me from America is a powerful service for Africa and it is a testimony of the potential for other souls to do the same in Africa and all over the world. The work in America is an example, a powerful model, for what should be followed all over the world as it is critically needed. We as human beings, for the sake of humanity, should not waste any time to take action and engage in this dedicated service to learn and apply to function naturally and harmoniously with our precious planet.

Respect & Honour
I want to address what I often see as attempts by people, around the world, to go to powerful sacred sites on their own without the training, preparation, guidance and co-ordinated support. These sites are sacred and are the homes of forces of nature that need to be respected and honoured. I have to caution people because it is very tricky as many forces are not happy with people going to these sites as they are not following a protocol as was originally set by the Divine Mother. Also the original spiritual ancestors can easily read our energies and recognise the level of spiritual integrity and alliance we hold with impeccable spiritual work, or the lack thereof. These sites are the homes of benevolent forces that were originally assigned there by the Mother, but often the benevolent forces have been overwhelmed by negative forces. We need more than well-meaning intentions when people go to sacred sites because they are presenting themselves in places that are often no longer being kept in harmony and balance.

It is my conviction that this work and service of ‘spiritual ecology’ is in the vision of the Divine Mother for creating balance and protecting nature, for the harmonisation and protection of sacred sites and for healing the original spiritual ancestors for the sake of humanity. It has been purely an energetic and spiritual experience, and is healing to my heart because it is service that pleases our Divine Mother. The Mother wants Africans to recover consciousness of her ‘Original Living Knowledge’ and to live by her Wise Ways in dedicated service to her and to re-build harmonious spiritual community.

Xolar Vibronics School
Xolar Vibronics School, Holistic Education and Healing Services, the Art and Science of Vibrational Reading and Holistic Healing, was founded by Yogi Mama Koginka Kamaru Xue, a legendary Andean Master and holistic spiritual healer. The school guides people through a combination of spiritual practices and healing modalities, including lifestyle mentorship and spiritual training. It is described as ‘full spectrum healing’, which is deeply rooted in the spiritual art and science from the Andes using wisdom of masters of the silent, powerful ever-living ‘super science’ of the sun. Xolar Vibronics is defined as a functional and comprehensive methodology that gathers ‘the perennial wisdom of that intelligent force which sustains and rules, with subtle light vibrations, the course of life on planet Earth’. In terms of the philosophy behind these teachings the work undertaken is described as ‘consciousness being recovered at an energetic vibrational level so that we can return to our more authentic “Original Vibrational Identity”, which is unique for each of us’.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation: www.koginkasewalunafoundation.org
Regine Veraguas: 076 694 1703; www.heartearthhealing.com
Xolar Vibronics: www.xolarvibronics.net

About Regine
Regine Veraguas is a Certified ‘Xolar Vibronics’ Artisan Practitioner, Holistic Educator & Wholesome Life Coach. She says that in her spiritual training for the last nine years as an apprentice with ‘Yogi Mama Koginka’, she participated in the tenacious, silent and monumental energetic work he has been doing for over 18 years in America and for the planet. Her spiritual training started in America and was further developed in Africa, where she was born. She continues to travel back and forth between the two continents on sacred pilgrimages.

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